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OCASI Action Plan To End Labour Force Systemic Barriers

Toronto / July 28, 2021

OCASI made submissions to the Ontario Workforce Recovery Advisory Committee (OWRAC). The Committee was established by the Ontario government to provide recommendations to shape the future of work in our province.

The OCASI submission puts forward an Action Plan to end the labour force underutilization of immigrant talent in Ontario.

OCASI states:

What Next?

Toronto / August 2021

As we approach mid-summer, the attention of non-profit sector leadership is turning to plans for return to work come September. There is great uncertainty still, as new variants of the COVID-19 virus appear, first vaccination uptake seems to be stalled, and there is talk from various sources about a possible fourth wave that may lead to renewed lockdowns.

OCASI Welcomes New Oath/Affirmation of Citizenship

Toronto / June 23, 2021 - OCASI – Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants commends the government on implementing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) Call to Action 94 on June 21, 2021, National Indigenous Peoples Day by amending the Citizenship Act.

From June 22, 2021 new citizens will swear the new oath, making a commitment to uphold treaties with Indigenous peoples as well as other commitments to Canada.

AAP Conférence virtuelle de développement professionnel OCASI 2021

Conférence virtuelle de développement professionnel OCASI 2021 AAP


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