Healthcare For Precarious Immigrants


March 16, 2020 / Toronto - OCASI wrote to Ontario Minister of Health -Christine Elliott, and Minister of Children, Community and Social Services - Todd Smith to ask the people with precarious immigration status are included in the Ontario government's actions to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

OCASI specifically asked the Ministers to ensure that all Ontario residents have access to free, universal and expanded healthcare, including testing, without regard to immigration status or length of residence in Ontario.

COVID-19 Screening Checklist


The Ontario government has developed a screening tool and other information and resources that can be used by community organizations to support communities in staying safe and healthy.

These resources are shared by Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development.

OCASI is concerned about ensuring all refugees, immigrants and migrants are included in provincial as well as federal and municipal government responses to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

October 22, 2018 is Municipal Election Day in Ontario


Almost 30% of Ontario residents were born outside Canada. Immigrants, refugees, migrant workers and international students are critical to Ontario’s economic growth, and make Ontario communities strong.

Municipal leaders have an important role to play in building strong communities that welcome everyone, and that build on the full potential of refugees, immigrants and migrants.

Refugee Claimants - Frequently Asked Questions


Asylum seekers (in Canada use the term refugee claimant) have the legal right to cross the border and enter Canada to make a refugee claim. Asylum seekers are crossing irregularly – between ports of entry - but that is not illegal. They are doing so to because the Safe Third Country Agreement (2004) between Canada and the United States requires Canada to send refugee claimants back to the U.S., with a few exceptions. The Safe Third Country Agreement applies only to refugee claims made at border crossings.

Moving the Policy footstep…


Earlier this month the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) released the report Under Suspicion: Research and Consultation Report on Racial Profiling in Ontario.  It is chockful of personal examples of how racial profiling tears at the soul of those profiled, reinforces the sense of otherness that many who are racialized experience, and undermines the social cohesion we so desperately need if this Canadian political project of diversity and inclusion is to be a success.