Consultations for Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Strategy


The Ministry of Labour (MOL) has launched consultations on the development of a province-wide integrated occupational health and safety strategy, the first of its kind for Ontario. MOL is interested in hearing about how vulnerable workers needs can be addressed. Vulnerable workers are identified as young workers, recent immigrants, aboriginal peoples, older workers, those new to their jobs or working for new businesses, temporary foreign and seasonal workers, workers holding multiple, part-time or, low-paying jobs, and workers involved in temporary employment.

Service Collaborative and Centralized Intake process at Centre for Addiction and Mental Health CAMH.


The Toronto Justice Service Collaborative is an initiative that is part of the 10 year mental health and addiction strategy. "Open Minds, Healthy Minds: Ontario's Comprehensive Mental Health and Addictions Strategy” commits to the formation of 18 Service Collaboratives to support coordinated services for children, youth and adults.

Debbie Douglas speaks at ‘Dare to Become Great’


OCASI Executive Director Debbie Douglas will be speaking on the Distinguished Speakers Panel at the event celebrating the 20 year anniversary of Management Advisory Service (MAS). Other panelists are Rahul Bhardwaj - President and CEO of Toronto Community Foundation (TCF), Michael Seaton - Canada Post, Che Kothari - Manifesto Community Projects, Violetta Llkiw - Laidlaw Foundation, and Anne-Marie ‘Amani' Woods - noted artist and educator.

Research Project: “Mitigating the Risk of Homelessness for Immigrant and Refugee Women through Effective Service Linkages”


The Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI) is working in partnership with COSTI and WoodGreen Community Services (the Management Team), to undertake a research study on mitigating risk of homelessness among immigrant and refugee women. The study aims to provide practical policy options for the settlement services and housing services sectors in the GTA to increase their capacity to help prevent homelessness among newcomers. Research advisors are Valerie Preston - York University and Robert Murdie - University of Toronto.