Debbie Douglas speaks at ‘Dare to Become Great’



OCASI Executive Director Debbie Douglas will be speaking on the Distinguished Speakers Panel at the event celebrating the 20 year anniversary of Management Advisory Service (MAS). Other panelists are Rahul Bhardwaj - President and CEO of Toronto Community Foundation (TCF), Michael Seaton - Canada Post, Che Kothari - Manifesto Community Projects, Violetta Llkiw - Laidlaw Foundation, and Anne-Marie ‘Amani' Woods - noted artist and educator.

MAS offers pro bono consulting for non-profit organizations in and around the Greater Toronto Area, and has worked with over 1,000 nonprofit organizations in all areas of management, including OCASI. The panel will address the theme DARE TO BECOME GREAT (#daretobecomegreat), the challenge issued to Toronto by the TCF when it released its 2012 Vital Signs Report.