Consultations for Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Strategy



The Ministry of Labour (MOL) has launched consultations on the development of a province-wide integrated occupational health and safety strategy, the first of its kind for Ontario. MOL is interested in hearing about how vulnerable workers needs can be addressed. Vulnerable workers are identified as young workers, recent immigrants, aboriginal peoples, older workers, those new to their jobs or working for new businesses, temporary foreign and seasonal workers, workers holding multiple, part-time or, low-paying jobs, and workers involved in temporary employment. The consultations will cover the entire range of occupational health and safety, from prevention to compliance and enforcement.

The consultation is an opportunity to share advice and information on how workplaces can be made more safe for these vulnerable workers by improving Ontario's occupational health and safety system, and workplaces. OCASI serves on the Ministry of Labour Vulnerable Workers Task Group to provide advice about vulnerable workers in the context of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The abridged version of the consultation paper is available in English and French, and 15 other languages. Review the Discussion Paper and provide feedback through the online form, or by email.

Feedback will be accepted until May 17, 2013.