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Ishrat Jahan

Community Ambassador
TNO-The Neighbourhood Organization
Toronto Photo of Ishrat Jahan

My name is Ishrat Jahan, I came to Canada from Bangladesh. I finished my Masters degree in Sociology from the University of Dhaka. I love to travel, play badminton, design fashionable dresses, perform in theatre, cook new dishes and make new friends.

In the Field Newsletter Volume 111

We can exhale as a sector now that the federal election is behind us and we have at least a month or two before we turn our attention to the scheduled Ontario provincial election in June 2022 and the Ontario Municipal elections in October 2022. I have been asked over the past couple of weeks since the election what I’m hoping to see out of this new Parliament. There is much but the priorities are as follows.

Faits en bref et document d'information

[ Communiqué de presse : lettre ouverte aux chefs des partis politiques fédéraux ]

Document d'information

La nécessité d'un accès opportun et équitable à une carrière dans le domaine de la santé pour les professionnels de la santé formés à l'étranger (PSFE)

Les besoins de notre système de santé sont en train d'augmenter, et nous confrontons des pénuries de professionnels de la santé.