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End Anti-Black Racism

A solidarity statement by OCASI – Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants

Toronto / June 2, 2020 – We are in solidarity with Black Communities in Canada and across North America amidst the pain and rage we feel at the taking of another Black life - again. We mourn Regis Korchiniski-Paquet who died last week in Toronto.

We mourn George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor – brutally killed in the United States, victims of anti-Black racism and White supremacy.

OCASI Frontline Town Hall - May 2020

OCASI invites you to the May 2020 OCASI Virtual Town Hall Meetings for frontline staff at OCASI member agencies.

These sessions are organized in response to popular demand from the virtual townhall meetings OCASI organized in April 2020.

The meetings are hosted by Debbie Douglas, Executive Director of OCASI.

They will feature Shalini Konanur, Executive Director of South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario (May 12) and Avvy Go, Clinic Director of Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic (May 15) as content experts to answer questions from participants.

In Search of Rainbows or Fix the Goddamn Systems Already!

May 2020 / Toronto - I have spent the last month or so looking for the ‘blessings’ or ‘silver linings’ of this pandemic as the Council and the Sector shift-shaped ourselves into this new normal - a term that is quickly becoming contested (What is normal? For whom? Who defines?) as progressives dream and plan and organize for a near future that will be responsive to those who are marginalized and made most vulnerable by our economic and social systems.