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Hell No – We Ain’t Going Back

September 2020 / Toronto - About ten years ago, the OCASI staff had a heated argument during one of our monthly all staff meetings about shifting most of our offerings to the membership online. We were split into two fractious camps. The in-person is always better crowd and the get with the program, technology is the way forward crowd. Luckily we had a few thoughtful souls in the middle who didn’t get what the argument was about since they held a vision where mixed modes of information transfer, training and professional development, policy and advocacy and public education exist.

COVID-19 Reconstruction Plan Must Address Systemic Racial Inequalities

Canada’s COVID-19 Reconstruction Plan Must Address Systemic Racial Inequalities

September 8, 2020 / Toronto - The COVID-19 pandemic has caused serious economic and social havoc. It has exposed and made worse the racial inequities that already existed in Canada. Colour of Poverty  – Colour of Change (COP-COC) calls on all political parties to address systemic and structural racial inequalities post-pandemic by releasing a Reconstruction and Reset Plan for Canada today. 

Immigration Status For All

Toronto / August 19, 2020 - Migrants, refugees, undocumented people, workers and students are taking to the streets on August 23rd to call for full and permanent immigration status for all.

Parliament may be prorogued but migrants are still in crisis.

Actions in ten cities and five provinces are calling for the expansion of the newly announced pathway to permanent residency for some refugees in healthcare to include everyone in the country without permanent resident status.