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Leading the Settlement SHEcovery

Leading the Settlement SHEcovery: Advancing an intersectional pandemic recovery by investing in women-serving-women-led organizations in Ontario’s refugee-and-immigrant-serving sector

OCASI Women’s Caucus Research Report (2021)

Research Purpose:

The OCASI Women’s Caucus conducted this research in 2021 to study the impacts of COVID-19 on Women’s organizations in Ontario’s refugee-and-immigrant serving sector:

Personal Reflections

August 2022 / Toronto - It is a sunny but cool morning as I sit to write this monthly blog in my messy backyard. There is a sense of peace as the cats lay about, lazily watching the squirrels go about their food gathering, all three of us listening to the wind softly rustling the leaves of the box elder maple tree overhead and the birds twittering as they call to each other flitting from tree to bush to tree.

Show Us the Money

Show Us the Money: Equitable Compensation in the Ontario Nonprofit Sector

July 2022 / Toronto - We are halfway through the year and the discussion at every sector meeting eventually turns to the worsening human resources situation in the non-profit sector and particularly in the immigrant and refugee serving sector, including women’s services. Organizations- non-profit and/or charities are having a hell of a time recruiting and retaining qualified staff in all areas of our agencies from admin to program; tech to finance. And within HR itself. 

Forward Ever

June 2022 / Toronto

I slept through it. TV on full blast at 3:00 am when I was awoken to hear CBC reporting what was by then old news. The Ford government had not only won a majority as predicted by media and other pundits, but he had a super majority. Didn’t really take it all in at that bewitching hour of the early morning; the time when our ancestors and angels whisper truths to us. I turned off the TV and went back to sleep a dreamless sleep.

In the Field Newsletter Volume 118

“Happy Mother’s Day to the moms separated by violent borders and imperialism”* was a tweet that crossed my screen early on Mother’s Day as I prepared to visit my own mother, ever thankful that my own separation from the woman who birthed me was a short three years, though as a child it felt like a lifetime. The tweet was from a feminist, anti-racist Black mother of a Black son whose community has experienced war, displacement and migration.