Report on Trauma and Refugee Mental Health Training

Report on Trauma and Refugee Mental Health Training

In partnership with Hong Fook and the Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture (CCVT), OCASI is pleased to report that the Council has been providing training for front-line workers in OCASI member agencies, on war trauma and refugee mental health. In-person training sessions have begun across the province.

The main objectives of the training are:

OCASI at the 18th National Metropolis Conference

Debbie Douglas, Executive Director was Co-Chair of the 18th National Metropolis Conference held in Toronto from March 3-5, 2016. (Click here for Debbie’s welcome remarks).

OCASI also had a strong presence throughout the conference at plenary sessions, and as presenter and organizer at the following concurrent breakout sessions:

OCASI Statement: Priorities For The New Government Of Canada

October 28, 2015/Toronto - As the newly elected government of Canada is set to be sworn into office, OCASI is encouraged by the Prime Minister Designate's leadership in countering a growing divisiveness and xenophobia through an expression of unity and appreciation of diversity in Canada. We look forward to the full realization of that message through strong public policy measures, including public education initiatives that will build equitable opportunities for all Canadian residents.

GEO Training for Employment & Settlement Service Providers

Global Experience Ontario (GEO) is an information centre of the Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade that guides internationally trained individuals through the process of becoming certified or licensed to work in one of Ontario's non-health regulated professions or skilled trades. 

GEO invites you to attend one of our upcoming training workshops - Licensing in Ontario's Regulated Professions - for employment and settlement service providers working with internationally trained individuals.  

African Canadian Legal Clinic Wins In Racial Profiling Case

In a recently-released racial profiling decision from Ontario's Divisional Court, the African Canadian Legal Clinic (ACLC) successfully argued that actions of the Ontario's Human Rights Commission cannot be used by Ontario's Human Rights Tribunal to ignore and dismiss African Canadian perspectives on how to systemically expose and uproot racial profiling in policing.

Skills for Change Red Seal Trades Program

The Skills for Change Trades Win Support program is assisting Internationally Trained Electricians and HVAC Mechanics to get a RED SEAL License and find a job in the field.

Module 1: Employment preparation training to get you ready for the workplace
Job search strategies | trade-specific language training | job leads | mentoring support

Module 2: Certificate of Qualification exam preparation course by qualified instructors
Canadian codes, rules and regulations | technical skills upgrading | exam strategies