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Status For All - If Not Now, When?

It was less than a day after the declaration of a pandemic and the closing of most workplaces when we received the first call of concern. It was a colleague in the sector working with Caregivers who raised the alarm. Her concerns were mirrored by my policy and membership colleagues at the Council that the shutdown of services, of work places including home care would exacerbate the problems faced by Ontario residents with precarious immigration status and those who are undocumented.

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Glitterbug LGBTQ2S EarlyON Mobile Program

The 519’s unique mobile program works with EarlyON Centres across Toronto to promote inclusion and affirmation of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities for children and families. Glitterbug combines the principles of LGBTQ2S inclusion with early childhood developmental frameworks to facilitate a broader understanding of inclusion and diversity at EarlyON Centres across the city.

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Webinar: Migration Portrait

“Migration Portrait: The impact of COVID-19 on migration globally and in Canada” was presented on November 20, 2020 by Dr. Dan Hiebert, Professor of Geography at UBC. Dr. Hiebert presented recent data on this issue and discussed what migration to Canada looks like in the age of COVID. Read more for PowerPoint slides and recording.

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Webinar: COVID-19 Impact On Refugee Process

“The Impact of COVID-19 in the Immigration System: Measures in the Refugee Process” was presented by Francisco Rico Francisco Rico-Martinez, Co-Director, FCJ Refugee Centre on Wednesday, August 12, 2020. Read more for webinar recording and PowerPoint slides.

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Power At Your Fingertips

Need to streamline client information for your agency? Generate reports quickly and easily? Meet last-minute funder changes in reporting? Discover how by watching the OCMS video or sign up for a webinar. OCASI Client Management System was developed by the sector for the sector, and is exclusively user-fee supported. Contact Elena Trapeznikova or (416) 322-4950 ext. 241

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Journée internationale des personnes handicapées, 3 décembre 2020

Depuis 1992, la Journée internationale des personnes handicapées est célébrée chaque année le 3 décembre à travers le monde. Le thème de cette année est : Reconstruire en mieux - Vers un monde post-COVID-19 inclusif, accessible et durable.

En ce jour, rappelons nous de notre responsabilité de promouvoir les droits des personnes en situation de handicap et à l’importance de les soutenir dans nos communautés respectives.

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Canada Child Benefit Survey

Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic is conducting a survey on access to Canada Child Benefit (CCB) by people with no immigration status or precarious immigration status. Information from the survey may be used to challenge the law in court. If you are a service provider who provides services to these individuals please complete the survey before December 18, 2020.

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#StatusforAll - Sign The Petition

Sign the Migrant Rights Network petition to call for a single-tier immigration system, where everyone in Canada has the same rights. All migrants, refugees, students, workers and undocumented people in the country must be regularized and given full immigration status now without exception. All migrants arriving in the future must do so with full and permanent immigration status.

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2021: The year of the rent freeze

Most tenants in Ontario will not have a rent increase in 2021. Read ‘On the Radar’ by CLEO to learn who is affected by the new "rent freeze" law and how it works.

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Your Views On Police

The Urban Alliance on Race Relations has one mission: to work primarily and proactively with the community, public and private sectors to provide educational programs and research, which are critical in addressing racism in society. Right now, that means looking at policing in our communities—its harms and possible alternatives.

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Inclusive Community Grants Program

This Ontario government program provides funding to support healthy and active aging, help older adults be safe and secure and age at home and in community, respond to the needs of older adults in the labour force, and support social engagement. Deadline - December 21, 2020, 5:00 p.m. (EST).

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UNFUNDED: Black Communities Overlooked by Canadian Philanthropy

This report was produced by the Network for the Advancement of Black Communities and Carleton University’s Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership program. It is the first systematic, empirical examination of the extent to which Canadian philanthropy has responded to the unique and intersectional challenges facing Black communities.

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Exclusion by Race and Immigration Status

Spaces and Places of Exclusion: Mapping Rental Housing Disparities for Toronto’s Racialized and Immigrant Communities is a first-of-its-kind study, mapping spatial exclusion by racialized and immigrant status in Toronto’s wards. Disaggregated race-based and other social data from the 2016 Census of Population are used to examine key indicators of rental housing inequality.

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Report on Community Investment

“Wake Up Call: Navigating New Pathways for Corporate Community Investment in Canada”, Imagine Canada’s new research explores the most pressing and long term shifts in corporate social investment in Canada. It encourages Canadian companies to think differently about how they invest with and engage in their communities as they explore paths forward.

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