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#CdnImm Events

#CdnImm hashtag is an online community that share and discuss timely and relevant topics and information about Canadian immigration. To broaden important discussions happening in the sector, increase and strengthen the link between collaborators and to improve service delivery, OCASI has been coordinating offline informal events to help strengthen this community of online collaborators, promote connection and encourage further sharing of information.

Thoughts on Advocacy and the role of service organizations

Late last month, I attended a bi-national meeting hosted by the UNHCR in the USA on Alternative to Detentions (ATD). Present were Government, NGO and UNHCR representatives from Canada, USA, Australia and Sweden. In between the very many presentations on new policies and guidelines, good and bad practices, challenges and advocacy strategies for getting governments and communities to buy into ATD, we made side trips to visit service agencies both in the USA and in Canada.