OCASI e-Learning



OCASI offers self-directed and facilitated online courses on a range of topics designed to build on your existing knowledge. Last month two concurrent (6-week) facilitated sessions on Serving Youth in Newcomer Communities (SYNC) were held. The sessions were very successful, close to 30 participants completed the training. There were also two concurrent (8-week) facilitated sessions on Understanding and Responding to Woman Abuse (URWA), 20 participants completed the training late last year.

The province was well represented in both sessions with participants from Toronto, Fort Erie Windsor/Essex Brantford, Guelph/Wellington, Timmins/North Bay, London, Kitchener/Waterloo, Peterborough, Ottawa, Hamilton, St. Catharines, Peel/Mississauga.  Feedback was very positive; the majority of the 50 participants felt more confident in their ability to effectively work with newcomer youth and women who have been abused. One participant had this to say about the URWA course, “I enjoyed the readings and quizzes which assured my understanding of each topic under discussion. The legal topic was an eye opener to me. It consolidated my knowledge about the legal system from the perspective of immigrant women abuse and how delicately to tackle each and every solution.” 

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