Webinar: Queer Refugee Hearings Program Toolkit



November 17, 2021 / Toronto

OCASI hosted a webinar on the “Queer Refugee Hearings Program Toolkit”, a resource from Capital Rainbow Refugee. The webinar was organized to assist service providers to better help people claiming refugee protection based on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression, and/or Sex Characteristics (SOGIESC).

The webinar was presented by Nicholas Hersh (he/him) an immigration and refugee lawyer at Community Legal Services of Ottawa and for Capital Rainbow Refuge. He has extensive experience working with SOGIESC newcomers and has developed the Queer Refugee Hearings Program Toolkit.

The presentation included the following highlights:

  1. Learning about the refugee claim process in Canada based on SOGIESC
  2. Writing a complete and correct narrative about their life experiences;
  3. Collecting evidence that may best support their claims; and
  4. Addressing common misunderstandings about SOGIESC refugee claims in Canada.

For more information, please contact Nicholas at hersh@capitalrainbow.ca

View the recorded webinar on YouTube.

Download the presentation slides.

Access the Queer Refugee Hearings Program Toolkit.