Member Feature

New Report on Immigrant Entrepreneurship

North York Community House (NYCH) has released a new report titled DIY: Immigrant Entrepreneurs are Doing it for Themselves.  Results of this study show that more immigrants to Toronto are starting their own small businesses for many reasons, including as a response to an unfavourable job market, to supplement a low-income, and to work flexibly according to their own schedule.

Nellie’s Launches Position Paper on Accessibility

Nellie's is very proud to announce the launch of its position paper on accessibility titled Women with Disabilities and Deaf Women. This paper explores the issues impacting women with Disabilities and Deaf women.  It identifies challenges and emerging issues, from which strategies are developed for working with women and to ensure that services are accessible to all.

Scadding Court Community Centre

Scadding Court Community Centre (SCCC) has received $127,203 in funding from the Government of Canada.

SCCC is a multi-service agency located in the heart of downtown west Toronto. It offers a wide range of programs, services, and opportunities for people of all ages and from all walks of life. The agency believes in supporting individuals and families, strengthening communities and building a better Toronto.