OCASI welcomes North Bay City Council decision on Permanent Resident Vote



May 14, 2015/Toronto – OCASI is delighted at the Monday, May 11, 2015 decision by North Bay City Council to support the right of permanent residents to vote in municipal and school board elections.

The successful vote is a strong expression of support for immigrant settlement and integration, and making local elections more inclusive and representative.

OCASI congratulates Don Curry of the North Bay and District Multicultural Centre and OCASI's Northern Regional Director for his determined and unwavering efforts over two years, resulting in the win at City Council.

North Bay joins the Toronto, Halifax (NS) and Saint John (NB) in calling on their respective provincial governments to extend the municipal vote to permanent residents. Ontario cities Kitchener and Guelph have expressed interest extending voting rights.

These are important steps that can result in broad-based change for immigrants. Let us build on this momentum to demonstrate support for permanent resident municipal franchise in communities across Ontario. Let us create a solid basis for change in Ontario election laws in time for the next municipal election on October 22, 2018.

Debbie Douglas
Executive Director


Click here for six minute video on by North Bay and District Multicultural Council posted on YouTube.

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Permanent residents live in Guelph, pay taxes in Guelph and send their kids to learn next to ours at school.

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What Halifax and Nova Scotia need more than anything else is people: to live here, work here, study here and to invest here. I think we also need them to vote here.

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A City of Kitchener-commissioned report suggests council support a Toronto-led initiative to pressure the province into changing the Municipal Elections Act so that permanent residents can vote in municipal elections.