Article Series: Self-Care for the Immigrant and Refugee Serving Sector by Aina-Nia Ayo'dele (November 2016)



You are responsible for creating your day.

Creating your day is about owning the power to your wellness, regardless of the bus driver who drove off as you reached the bus stop yesterday, the person who cut you off on the highway this morning, or your staff/manager/colleague who spoke with you abruptly a few minutes ago. You are responsible for creating a positive day that powers your wellness.

7 Ways to Power Your Day

  1. Start your day with appreciation. E.g. note 3 things you appreciate.

  2. Know your priorities and let them fuel your choices throughout the day. E.g. family, work, recreation, money, health.

  3. Handle each situation as new, not allowing the past or future to be your best gauge for the present - "You can never step into the same river twice."

  4. Pay attention to your COI (Circle of Influence) - they are a reflection of you.

  5. Embrace the authentic you - who you are and how you contribute. E.g. gifts, talents, uniqueness.

  6. Approach each challenge as a success, knowing that 80% of its outcome relies on how you choose to respond to the issue.

  7. Remember to breathe - deep Inhale and slow long exhale, repeat 3 times - smiling with each exhale.