Urban Heart @ Toronto: An Evidence-based Standard for Measuring the Well-being of Toronto's Neighbourhoods


Urban HEART stands for "Urban Health Equity Assessment and Response Tool."

In 2010, the World Health Organization launched Urban HEART to help city leaders and their communities resolve health and social inequities.

Urban HEART @ Toronto was adapted by  the Centre for Research on Inner City Health  (CRICH) of St. Michael's Hospital from a World Health Organization tool for measuring health inequities in the developing world. CRICH convened 80 experts from more than 40 organizations — including community groups, academics, the private sector, and government — to develop a made-in-Toronto tool.

Urban HEART @ Toronto measures neighbourhood-level indicators of local health and well-being in five main domains: 

  • economic opportunities;
  • social and human development;
  • civic engagement;
  • physical environment and local infrastructure; and
  • physical and mental health.

A variety of indicators within these domains are presented using a coloured dashboard. Green shows where local conditions are positive, while yellow and red point to conditions that need a closer examination.

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