Urban Crisis: The Untold Story of Poverty in Hamilton


In recognition of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, Hamilton Urban Core Community Health Centre launches Urban Crisis: The Untold Story of Poverty in Hamilton, a video presentation.   

As a trusted health service provider and strong advocate, Hamilton Urban Core has worked closely with individuals, families, and communities over the course of many months, and in some cases years.  During this period people have graciously shared their lives and experiences with the agency – experiences of living in poverty, of isolation and exclusion, and most importantly, of not being heard. 

In response Hamilton Urban Core made a promise to not only listen to the comments and suggestions being made by those with lived experience, but to also make sure that their voices were brought forward to the tables and spaces where decisions about poverty are being made. To this end the agency agreed to share their comments in video and a brief written report that was both honest and respectful.   

Working in partnership with McQuesten Legal and Community Services, St. Matthew's House and the Campaign for Adequate Welfare and Disability Benefits, Hamilton Urban Core hosted a series of community roundtable discussions under the banner of “NO Community Stands ALONE” a campaign to end poverty.  

The goal of this initiative was to provide a vehicle for the people who are actually living in poverty to speak about their lived experiences, share their ideas and give advice about how to make real change in this community and to eradicate poverty.  That is the motivation for this video presentation, which was thoughtfully produced by the staff of Hamilton Urban Core. 

As a result of this work the Urban Crisis: The Story of Poverty in Hamilton video was produced and distributed widely as part of the commitment to sharing the word. The video is also accompanied by the report which is a brief overview that pulls together the common themes raised during the community roundtable discussion. It is Hamilton Urban Core's hope that the video presentation renews the viewer's commitment to the fight against poverty.