Report on Trauma and Refugee Mental Health Training


Report on Trauma and Refugee Mental Health Training

In partnership with Hong Fook and the Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture (CCVT), OCASI is pleased to report that the Council has been providing training for front-line workers in OCASI member agencies, on war trauma and refugee mental health. In-person training sessions have begun across the province.

The main objectives of the training are:

  • Increased knowledge of mental health issue and migration
  • Increased awareness of the significance of early identification of mental health issues and coping strategies
  • Increased knowledge of culturally competent approach
  • Understanding the impact of trauma
  • Increased knowledge of compassionate communication
  • Increased awareness of self-care as service providers

The first training was delivered in Toronto on May 30 &31.

Other upcoming training dates:
1. Ottawa - June 27 & 28
2. Peel Region - July 18 & 19
3. Windsor - Sept 19 & 20
4. Kitchener/Waterloo Oct. 4 & 5
5. London – Oct. 17 & 18

For more information contact Beverly Lawrence-Dennis, PET Coordinator .