Scadding Court Community Centre: Business out of the Box


Market 707

Housed in retrofitted shipping containers, Market 707 is Toronto's most unique street food and retail market. This space brings together local entrepreneurs serving up more than 10 types of delicious international street food, along with unique goods and services to create an urban food and shopping environment unlike any other. Stop by for an event or take a lunch break on the sidewalk patio


Emerging out of our experience with Market 707, Scadding Court has developed “Business out of the Box” model – a social franchise model that creates affordable retail space in the form of shipping container markets.

For low-income aspiring entrepreneurs, access to the capital and physical space necessary to start a business is out of reach. As a result, this population, who would benefit most from the opportunity to start a business, are left with few options to get their great idea off the ground. However creativity and partnership can result in opportunities to build quick, affordable vending spaces and provide supports that will allow low-income entrepreneurs to flourish.

“Business out of the Box” can quickly and effectively transform underutilized spaces in your neighbourhood into vibrant, inclusive markets that showcase local businesses, talent and bring people together to celebrate your community.

On June 24th, 2014, Scadding Court worked with City of Toronto staff and various communities involved to secure support at the Economic Development Committee of the City of Toronto. Motions passed that day have directed City staff to work with SCCC and provide business support for BoB incubators; assist with implementation plans at two pilot sites in 2 neighbourhood improvement areas, and identify financing/facilitation vehicles for social economic development initiatives such as BoB.