Racial Justice Analysis of 2nd Ontario Poverty Reduction Strategy



Colour of Poverty - Colour of Change (COP-COC) commends the Ontario Government for its ongoing commitment to poverty reduction, expressed through the release of its second Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS), Realizing Our Potential – Ontario's Poverty Reduction Strategy (2014-2019) on September 3, 2014. In it the Government reaffirmed its commitment to “reducing poverty among children and youth through targeted investments and supports”, and adds a new focus on ending homelessness while moving towards employment and income security, particularly for “vulnerable populations”. COP-COC commends the government for broadening its focus beyond children and youth to certain vulnerable populations.

The PRS puts forward a number of positive measures which can help lift more individual Ontarians as well as families out of poverty and prevent others from falling into poverty.

As a coalition dedicated to advancing racial justice and racial equity, COP-COC offers this racial justice analysis of the PRS. We urge the Government to incorporate these perspectives in the implementation phase so as to ensure all Ontarians, including members of racialized communities – both First Peoples and peoples of colour – will have the opportunities to realize their full potentials.

OCASI is a founding Steering Committee member of Colour of Poverty - Colour of Change.