Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization: iContribute Campaign


Did you know that Ottawa is the second largest recipient of immigrants in Ontario, after Toronto?  By 2017, immigrants will account for 27% and visible minorities 28% of Ottawa's population.

By helping to create a rich cultural diversity, bring vibrancy to their community and making their own unique contributions, immigrants are helping Ottawa to flourish — and contributing to its image as a world-class city.
OCISO's latest strategy in fulfill this approach is to launch its iContribute Campaign in 2012, which aims to raise $650,000 over the next three years to support immigrant integration. The funds raised will allow OCISO to continue to provide its award winning innovative and responsive programs to assist the settlement and integration of immigrants in local  communities.
The iContribute campaign places a sharp focus on the contributions immigrants make to Ottawa and, in turn, asks for financial contributions to OCISO to enable the organization to continue the work they do to help immigrants settle … flourish … and contribute. Programs benefiting from  donations include  OCISO's youth programs that support the integration of  new immigrant and refugee youth through language improvement, recreational and sports activities, leadership and employment mentoring.
Attracting immigrants has become a priority for many Canadian cities – including Ottawa. This is because the city's economic well-being depends on it. And attracting immigrants means providing services and programs to help them build a new life in the city.
OCISO has received national and international recognition for its innovative approach to settlement and immigration. The agency knows it is not enough to simply address the most immediate and basic needs such as housing and language training; their approach can best be described as community building. From the first steps of adjusting to life in their new home, to the day when they become full participants in their community, OCISO is there to provide the tools immigrants need to thrive.
This Case for Support highlights the impacts of OCISO's work in the community; the important contributions immigrants make to the growth and wealth of Ottawa; and most importantly how others can support OCISO's mandate to integrate immigrants to make  communities richer, healthier and more vibrant.
Join the iContribute Champions to make a better Ottawa. For more information about the iContribute campaign, please contact Joycelyn Glover, Community Engagement Manager.