OCASI Webinar: What's Up With The Safe Third Country Agreement?



A free public webinar. Apr 6, 2017 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT

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OCASI and many others across Canada are calling on the Canadian government to suspend the Safe Third Country Agreement with the US. Asylum seekers that enter Canada from the U.S. through regulated border points are subject to the Agreement, and may not be allowed to stay to make a refugee claim. Many Canadians are concerned about the health, safety and well-being of asylum seekers who are crossing the border into Canada at unregulated points, while others mistakenly believe they are breaking the law and should be stopped. 

We are excited to offer a public education webinar on what the Canada-US Safe Third Country Agreement means today for refugee claimants, community workers and advocates, and for Canadians. 

Join us for this remarkable opportunity to hear from Andrew Brouwer, Senior Counsel, Refugee Law, Legal Aid Ontario, respected refugee rights advocate and human rights champion.

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The Webinar will cover the following questions

  • What is the Safe Third Country Agreement?
  • Why do advocates want the government to suspend the Agreement?
  • Why is the US not safe or asylum-seekers (known as ‘refugee claimants’ in Canada)?
  • What can Canadians do?

Are you a settlement or community worker, volunteer, student, teacher, media worker, writer, member of the public, interested in knowing what is happening with refugees and the Safe Third Country Agreement? This webinar is for you!

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