OCASI OrgWise Governance and Strategic Leadership Webinar Series


In recent years, the topic of governance and strategic leadership has risen up the agenda of not-for-profit organizations everywhere. Increasing demands for accountability to funders and other stakeholders as well as compliance with relevant government regulations have made clear the contribution of an effective Board to organizations' performance.  To this end, OCASI developed a series of six (6) webinars to help organizations strengthen their governance capacity. The series consist of the following:

1.      I Sue You, You Sue Me - Legal Duties of Boards!
2.      Not My Job - Roles & Responsibilities of the Board
3.      Who Do I Report To? - The Relationship between the Board & Executive Director
4.      Way the People At?  - Recruitment of Board Members
5.      Let's Take A Look Around - Board Orientation
6.      Staying the Right Path:  Code of conduct, Ethic & evaluation of the board
Please note, title #4 in the series is not a typo.  
We invite you to watch the entire series.