OCASI Accepting Applications for Group Training


OCASI is accepting applications for In-House Group Training under the Professional Education and Training Project (PET). The OCASI PET project provides financial support to settlement service providers to assist with organizational capacity building.

Due to scarce funds for professional development of the sector, OCASI is working to maximize the impact of PET program funds. To that end agencies interested in accessing funds are encouraged to undertake a needs assessment to identify organizational and/or staff training needs.

Assessing training needs and evaluating the outcomes of training are crucial, both for training providers and recipients of training, to ensure that training is effective and resources are wisely used.


1.    Organizations that seek to access financial support for trainings must complete an employee training needs assessment and /or an OrgWise organizational self-assessment to determine the gaps in skills and knowledge of their employees or organizational systems respectively.

2.    Organizations which are funded by IRCC/MCIIT may apply for funds to deliver In-House Group Training and, if approved and upon completion of the training, be reimbursed up to $2,500 (for facilitator's fees ONLY).

Apply online at: http://pet.settlement.org