North York Community House Digital Stories


Digital stories are short videos, created by people of all ages and backgrounds, where participants share their own life story through voice, images, and music.

While the term “digital storytelling” has been used to describe a wide variety of new media practices, what best describes NYCH's  approach is an emphasis on first-person narrative, meaningful workshop processes, and participatory production methods.  While media is often used to create documentary or informational videos produced by experts/filmmakers, NYCH's process is unique in that the storytellers are also the producers of their own films.

Sharing feelings and stories with others can be challenging due to language barriers, and a lack of self-confidence.  Digital storytelling workshops offer a safe, supportive environment in which participants can explore their histories and reflect on events that shaped how they got to where they are.  Participants enjoy the benefits of learning new computer skills to produce their stories and are given the opportunity to express themselves in their own way, in their own words.

For more information, please contact 416-781-7457 or email Rabia at

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