Media Release: Let's welcome syrian refugees with open arms



Media Release
For Immediate Release

Ontario-wide public education campaign launched against xenophobia, islamophobia, and racism

12 February 2016/Toronto – As Ontario welcomes refugees from Syria, OCASI - Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants is launching a province-wide public education campaign for the prevention of xenophobia, islamophobia, and racism.

The war in Syria has created a massive humanitarian crisis. In response, our government – together with Canadian residents – is bringing refugees to Canada. Many of the refugees are being settled across Ontario. This is great for our cities and communities.

However, some people have misconceptions and stereotypes about refugees, and about immigrants, especially about Arabs and Muslims.

Worse, some individuals have acted out on these misconceptions by verbally and physically assaulting people they believe belong to these groups.

OCASI has received funding from the provincial government and the City of Toronto to create and roll out this public education campaign across the province as well as a campaign in the city.

The goal of the campaign is to educate the public about the benefits of diversity and about how refugees contribute to communities across Ontario.

Our overarching long-term goal is to create an Ontario that says "No" to all forms of discrimination and racism.

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Bassel Martin, Campaign Coordinator Tel: 416.400.3288

Amy Casipullai, Senior Coordinator Policy and Communications  Tel: 416.322.4950 x 230 or Cell: 416.524.4950