[In the Field September 2012] OCASI’s Online Self-directed Courses


OCASI's online self-directed courses, offered through Learn At Work are free and open to anyone. You can enroll yourself in any course listed as "self-directed".  Self-directed course means that you will read the content and complete the activities at your own pace.

Currently, there are self-directed courses in the following:

  • Advanced Financial Management (Self-directed)
  • Employment Services - A Training for Settlement Workers (Self-directed)
  • Les services de soutien à l'emploi : Une formation à l'intention des intervenants en établissement (auto-dirigée)
  • Family Violence and Refugee and Immigration Law (Self-directed)
  • Violence familiale et le droit de l'immigration et des réfugiés (auto-dirigée)
  • Prevention of Domestic Violence against Immigrant and Refugee Women through Early Intervention (Self-directed)
  • Family Violence Against Immigrant & Refugee Women: Community Development Strategies (Self-directed)
  • Journey to Promote Mental Health: A Training Series for Community Workers (Self-directed)
  • La santé mentale explorée: Une formation en ligne pour les travailleurs des services communautaires (auto-dirigée)
  • Make it Happen! A Manual for Youth Leaders in Community Development (Self-directed)
  • Positive Spaces Initiative's Online Training Course (Self-directed)
  • Programme d'apprentissage en ligne de l'initiative Espaces positifs (auto-dirigée)
  • Building Conversations on the Web - 5 Good Ideas (Self-directed)

To begin, log in to Learn At Work using your account details and access the course homepage. The courses are divided into modules: Module 1: Module 2: Module 3. Modules 1 and 2 have content to read and activities to complete. Module 3 has  tasks to complete.  In this last module, you will also find information about obtaining a Certificate of Completion for the course.

We invite you, then, to complete any self-directed course of your interest. All you have to do to get started is create a free account on Learn At Work and enroll in the self-directed courses of your choice. If you experience any technical difficulties along the way, please do not hesitate to contact us again at elearning@ocasi.org.  Happy learning!