[In the Field September 2012] Member Feature


CARE Centre for Internationally Educated Nurses, a non-profit organization, provides immigrant nurses with the one-on-one support, language and communication skills and exam preparation to be successful in the nursing profession. CARE Centre recognizes the value of nurses with diverse education and experience and is committed to advocating for their full contribution to Ontario's healthcare system.

Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN) coming to Ontario can be overwhelmed by options for settlement, education and re-establishing their careers. CARE Centre for IENs is there to help, with a record of supporting more than 1,000 nurses from over 140 countries back into practice. Since 2001, with headquarters in Toronto and five regional offices, CARE Centre has helped IENs learn about nursing in Ontario, heightened their on-the-job communication skills, and has guided them toward rewarding professional employment. Funded by the Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada, CARE Centre was one of the first bridge training programs for internationally trained individuals. But IENs need to be aware of how the immigration and regulatory environments are changing.

“The College of Nurses of Ontario recently announced that IENs now have a three-year window to be in safe practice, and two years in which to complete their registration process,” said CARE Centre Executive Director Zubeida Ramji. “Through one-on-one case management, CARE Centre can focus on the best path for each of our member IENs, such as whether they are pursing licensing as a registered nurse or registered practical nurse, are they balancing survival jobs and children, do they need financial aid, all of these concerns.”

Soon to launch a slate of digital communication platforms, CARE Centre will continue to offer in-person information sessions at each of its locations in Windsor, London, Hamilton, Brampton, Toronto and Kingston, serving wide catchment areas throughout southwestern, central and southeastern Ontario. IENs can sign-up on the CARE Centre website, where they can also access a specially discounted online learning network. Course Park offers 140 professionally recognized nursing courses for a modest annual subscription fee. CARE Centre members can also enroll in customized exam preparation and language and communication courses, and can access a Members Only website with job opportunities and information on health care employers.

For more information visit www.care4nurses.org.

CARE - Centre for Internationally Educated Nurses