In the Field Newsletter Volume 98



This Violence Must End Now

About ten years ago, the OCASI staff had a heated argument during one of our monthly all staff meetings about shifting most of our offerings to the membership online. We were split into two fractious camps. The in-person is always better crowd and the get with the program, technology is the way forward crowd. Luckily we had a few thoughtful souls in the middle who didn’t get what the argument was about since they held a vision of using mixed modes.

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Logo of Hamilton Community Benefits Network

HCCI To Lead Hamilton Community Benefits Network

Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion (HCCI) is to lead the Hamilton Community Benefits Network.

The network is a coalition of like-minded organizations and unions in Hamilton committed to building an inclusive, thriving city where all residents from Ward 1 to 15 have equitable economic, political and social opportunities.

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OCASI ED Forum Registration Is Open!

Register now for the 2020 OCASI Executive Directors' Forum, held virtually on Monday October 26 - Thursday October 29, 2020. This Forum is open to all. Join us at this dynamic, thought-provoking and informative conference. »

Logo of Colour of Poverty, Colour of Change

Reconstruction and Reset Plan for Canada

COVID-19 has exposed and significantly increased pre-existing racial inequities in Canada. The pandemic has amplified major racial inequalities in employment, healthcare, access to senior care, housing, access to justice and education. Colour of Poverty Colour of Change (COP-COC) proposes a Reconstruction and Reset Plan for Canada to address racial inequality. OCASI is a founding Steering Committee member of COP-COC.

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Logo of Settlenet.Org / Réseau-Etab.Org

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Banner of OCMS

Why Agencies Love OCMS

OCMS user tells us, “Thanks for a great product. Using OCMS has helped us track and understand our client and service needs across 3 regions, report results easily and consistently, make better informed decisions around resources and make impactful business case arguments for support and funding... great communication, timely responses…”

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Meet the 2020-2021 IRCNFF Peer Champions

The Immigrant and Refugee Communities Neighbours, Friends and Family (IRCNFF) Campaign is excited to present the new Peer Champions. The 18 individuals bring their knowledge and leadership to organize community based educational events that increase the capacity of immigrant and refugee communities to recognize the signs of domestic violence and to provide support to women who are living with abuse.

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Banner of Refugee Travel is Essential

Refugee Travel Is Essential

Our border policies must stop putting refugees at risk – call your MP and Ministers to take action today to stand up for refugees! Canada’s border with the United States is effectively closed to refugees. Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers (CARL) has launched the “Refugee Travel is Essential”campaign, to call for urgent action by the Canadian government.

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Toolkit cover

Refugee Women’s Multilingual Legal Education Toolkit

Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA) has created a “Legal Education for Refugee Women” Toolkit to aid refugee women in learning more about their rights and responsibilities. The toolkit is available in 8 different languages, and gives refugee women access to supports and resources.

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Going to family court

Steps to Justice has updated information about asking the court to change a court order or separation agreement about child support, spousal support, and custody and access. These updates include links to the new forms and updated Family Law Rules.

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Cour de la famille

Justice pas-à-pas a actualisé les renseignements sur les requêtes en modification d'une ordonnance judiciaire ou d'un accord de séparation concernant la pension alimentaire pour enfants, la pension alimentaire pour conjoint, la garde et le droit de visite. Ces mises à jour incluent des liens vers de nouveaux formulaires et Règles en matière de droit de la famille.

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Refugee Hearing Preparation Guide

Ready for my refugee hearing / Prêt pour mon audience relative à la demande d’asile is a guide for refugee claimants and their service providers. It educates, guides, and supports refugee claimants who are preparing for their refugee hearings. It informs and empowers service providers in their understanding of the refugee hearing preparation process.

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COVID-19 In Immigrants Refugees And Other Newcomers

A new report from ICES shows immigrants, refugees and other newcomers account for nearly 44% of all COVID-19 cases in Ontario.

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Before it’s Too Late

A new report by the Decent Work and Health Network makes the urgent case for paid sick days in every jurisdiction across Canada, including recommendations to federal, provincial and territorial governments.

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Cover of the report

Are Charities Ready for Social Finance?

This national report from Imagine Canada provides a comprehensive look at the challenges, barriers, and opportunities for Canadian charities with respect to social finance.

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