In the Field Newsletter Volume 38


OCASI In the Field
Volume 38
Message from the Executive Director

Debbie DouglasIn Solidarity

As our long winter turned to spring earlier this year, a new campaign was launched to get Torontonians excited about becoming socially and politically involved by looking outside themselves, putting out a hand, and joining a campaign bent on saving lives: Lifeline Syria.

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OCASI Member Feature

Introducing DiverseCity onBoard

IWSO E-Learning PortalHamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion (HCCI) is excited to bring to Hamilton, DiverseCity onBoard - an award-winning program that connects qualified, pre-screened candidates from visible minority and underrepresented communities to volunteer board positions with non-profit, charitable and public agency boards.

Contact the Program Manager - Yohana Otite at or 905 297 4694 x202.

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OCASI Happenings

Save the Date - OCASI Conference!

OCASI ConferenceOCASI is pleased to announce the 2015 Professional Development Conference for Frontline Workers.

Registration opens September 14th, 2015. More information to follow.

OCASI Questions for Election 2015

OCASI asks major political parties seven questions on immigration and refugee concerns.

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Embracing Inclusion

The Embracing Inclusion Project, a partnership between ONESTEP and OCASI, will engage over 80 nonprofit community service organizations from across Ontario in advancing diversity and inclusion. Participating organizations will gain training, tools and resources to develop strategies for inclusive organizational change.

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Sector Happenings

Federal Court Decision on Refugee Appeals

On July 23, 2015, the Federal Court ruled that denying refugee claimants from Designated Countries of Origin (DCO) access to the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) is a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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LAO Consults on Development of Domestic Violence Strategy

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) will begin consultations this summer to develop a province-wide domestic violence strategy. The paper, Development of a Domestic Violence Strategy, provides a starting point for discussion at consultations (dates and locations to be announced). The public is invited to send written submissions. To attend a consultation email

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Ontario Consultation on Street Checks Regulation

The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services is holding public consultations on regulating police street checks to ensure a fair and consistent approach throughout the province. Ontario proposes to establish rules that promote public safety and protect individual rights, including the rights protected in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Ontario's Human Rights Code.

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Multi-Year Anti-Trafficking Grants

The Canadian Women's Foundation (CWF) is now accepting proposals for Multi Year Anti-Trafficking Grants for 2016-2020. Proposals will be accepted until September 15, 2015. CWF will select approximately 10 grants up to a maximum of $50,000 per organization for five years.

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E-Learning Video: The Code and the AODA

Learn about your rights and responsibilities under the Code and the AODA and how they affect you at work, in services and in housing. This e-learning video is for the public, private and not-for-profit sectors and completes the training requirements for section 7 of the Integrated Accessibility Standards of the AODA.

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OCASI Conference

Part I: Introduction
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