In the Field Newsletter Volume 16


OCASI In the Field
Volume 16
Message from the Executive Director

Debbie Douglas I have written on this topic before in this space and I've touched on aspects of it in the many speeches that I have given. And over the past two to three years there has been at least one workshop or seminar on a similar topic at the annual OCASI's Executive Directors' Forum or Professional Development Conferences. Given the currency of the topic, I feel it's worth re-airing.

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OCASI Member Feature

Re-Imaging the Sky: an Anthology by Newcomer Women's Collective

Newcomer Women's Services Toronto (NEW) is proud to launch its second book, Re-imaging the Sky: an Anthology. This is a collection of works written by fourteen women who spent their time writing together in NEW's Writing Circle, which is run by writer-in-residence, author and publisher Dr. Althea Prince. In this book, readers will find seventy-four (74) pieces of creative writings, varying from poetry to essays, and even a children's fable.

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OCASI Happenings

OCASI Introduces OCMS

OCASI has long wanted to create a reliable and affordable system that agencies could use to manage their interactions with clients. That time has come; OCASI introduces the OCASI Client Management System (OCMS).

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Tell Us What You Think

The Settlement.Org team will be exhibiting at the TESL Ontario Conference from Thursday, October 24th to Saturday, October 26th. We will be surveying LINC instructors and ESL teachers about utilizing Settlement.Org in the classroom. We want to find out how we can make the site more valuable to teachers. So if you are planning to attend the conference we invite you to stop by and share your thoughts. We will be at booth number 13! For more information contact Ann-Marie McGregor.

OCASI 35th Anniversary Celebration!

For the past 35 years, OCASI has been actively involved in the promotion of the rights of immigrants and refugees in Ontario. As things continue to change rapidly in our sector and with the Council, here is an opportunity to reflect upon and celebrate the continued efforts of our members and allies. If you have not purchased a ticket for the celebrations it is not too late, you can still buy your tickets here!

A Community Dialogue on Reparations and Reconciliation

You are invited to join a community dialogue on reparations and reconciliation on November 12, 2013, 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. The daylong dialogue aims to build solidarity and a common understanding of our communities' unique and shared histories and our common and parallel struggles for justice, reconciliation, and good relations going forward. To participate please register by November 7, 2013.

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OCASI's Anti-Oppression Webinar Series

Continuing its support of organizational capacity and infrastructure development in the sector, OCASI will deliver a 4 webinar series on anti-oppression, which starts on Wednesday, November 6, 2013 from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. Designed by OCASI and leading organizational development experts, these webinars will address immigrant-serving sector capacity building priorities and serve as valuable professional development for board, managers and frontline staff. Participants will have the opportunity to learn, share, and strengthen their agency's anti-oppression policies and practices. Each webinar will be 60 minutes in length and run for four consecutive weeks throughout November 2013.

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Etablissement.Org is now on French Twitter!

OCASI is pleased to announce that Etablissement.Org, its French website dedicated to francophone newcomers to Ontario, is now on Twitter. Follow @EtabSite to keep up-to-date about news and events of interest to francophone newcomers, to see what francophone newcomers and those who serve them have to say about life in Ontario, and to participate in the discussions.

suivez @etabsite

Sector Happenings

Lending Library for Parents

Limestone District School Board Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) - through the Ministry of Education's Parent Reaching Out Grant - has created a family lending library. The purpose of the library is to ensure that the resources therein meet the needs of parents within the district. PIC polled school councils, senior board staff, elementary and secondary teachers, as well as community partners such as Public Health, to help identify the type of books or titles that should be available in the library. From the information gathered a comprehensive list of topics. PIC has also made other resources available in the library such as DVDs and special recording of guest speakers. Click for more about the Lending Library. Click for more about the Ministry of Education Parent Reaching Out Grant program

Doing What Matters Most

This report by People for Education address the question: how parents can help their children succeed at school? The report indicates that parents can do more to help their children succeed in school by chatting about what they learned that day or by asking questions about a TV show they watched together rather than by “drill and skill” homework sessions, endless nagging, or racing off to a meeting at the school. Click to read more.

Why We Should Use the Term Illegalized Immigrant

Ryerson Centre for Immigration & Settlement (RCIS) has published a research paper that builds on an existing Brief that suggest the term "illegalized" immigrant should be widely adopted beyond the scientific community for use in politics, media, education, and everyday life.

Engaging Men and Boys in Ending Violence Against Women and Girls

The Students Commission of Canada has received funding for a 24-month project that will engage men and boys in ending violence against women and girls. The project aims to identify factors influencing violence against women and girls, and engage men and boys in responding to these issues in their communities.

AAISA's Biennial Provincial Settlement Practitioner Conference

On November 7 - 8, 2013, Alberta Association of Immigrant Serving Agencies (AAISA) will host its biennial Provincial Settlement Practitioner Conference (PSPC) in Calgary; titled Creating Conditions for Success: Collaboration, Capacity and Community Based Approaches. The conference will address settlement sector priorities, sharing best practices and relevant research, as well as promote settlement work as a profession.

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