In the Field Newsletter Volume 131



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Joy and Light in Resistance

I have, for 2023 committed to finding and sharing joy. To highlighting the points of light that come from a shift or movement forward in our collective march towards progressive economically just, antiracist, feminist futures. That may be an introduction of new public policy that advances a long held cause, a change in practice from government bureaucrats, a judicial decision that mentally and emotionally frees an abuse survivor or the announcement of free tuition for all young people of a First Nations territory. 

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Black Community Access Program

Skills for Change has launched a virtual Black Youth Entrepreneurship Program! The FREE 10-week program is designed for Black youth ages 16-29 that live in the Greater Toronto Area. It includes online entrepreneurship modules, mentoring, career pathway development, anti-black racism and mental health support. The program will teach financial literacy, business planning, marketing strategies, networking, and more. 

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Call for Nominations - OCASI 45th Anniversary Awards

To celebrate 45 years of advocacy for change, OCASI will give three awards for individuals’ dedication, commitment, and outstanding leadership in the immigrant and refugee-serving sector. Deadline is June 23, 2023.

For more details and to nominate, visit: OCASI 45th Anniversary Award Nominations

Appel de candidatures : Prix du 45ème Anniversaire d'OCASI

En vue de célébrer 45 ans de plaidoyer pour le changement, trois prix seront décernés pour reconnaître le dévouement, l'engagement et le leadership remarquable d'individus au sein du secteur des services aux personnes immigrantes et réfugiées.

Pour plus de détails et pour proposer des candidats, visitez : Nominations pour le Prix du 45e anniversaire d’OCASI

Submit a Session Proposal

We are accepting session proposals for the OCASI Professional Development Conference 2023 until June 30 2023. The conference will be held in Toronto, October 26-27. It will bring together frontline workers and managers in im/migrant and refugee serving organizations from across Ontario to learn, connect and share knowledge and expertise.

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Soumettre une Proposition de Session

Nous acceptons les propositions de séances pour la Colloque de Perfectionnement Professionnel d’OCASI 2023 jusqu’au 30 juin 2023. Le colloque aura lieu à Toronto du 26 au 27 octobre. Il réunira les intervenant.e.s de première ligne et les gestionnaires des services aux im/migrant.e.s et aux réfugié.e.s de partout en Ontario pour apprendre, établir des liens et partager des connaissances et divers types d’expertise.

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Turn "I am here" into "I am home" Ad Campaign

OCASI and partners, United Way Greater Toronto, and 211 Ontario rolled out the Turn "I am here" into "I am home" advertising campaign this week. The campaign aims to help immigrant and refugee populations access settlement services.

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Upcoming Self-Directed E-Learning Courses - Registration is open now - Learn At Work

OCASI invites you to register for the upcoming Professional Development Training programs: 
For the upcoming course details and register by June 25, 2023, please go to:
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Prochains cours d’auto-apprentissage en ligne - Les inscriptions sont ouvertes - Learn At Work 

OCASI vous invite à vous inscrire aux prochains programmes de formation professionnelle : 
Pour obtenir des détails sur les cours à venir et vous inscrire avant le 10 juillet 2023, veuillez consulter:
Fondements du travail d’établissement niveau 2 »
Servir les jeunes dans la communauté des nouveaux arrivants »

Apply For OCASI Professional Development and Training Fund (PET) 

The PET Fund is available for In-House Group Training. Organizations funded by Immigrant Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) are eligible to apply for funds up to $3000 to cover the facilitator’s fee for Group Training on topics that will benefit the work of the sector.

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Découvrez le nouveau compte Instagram des Nouveaux Jeunes de l'Ontario et leurs histoires inspirantes !

Rejoignez-nous sur Instagram pour découvrir les Nouveaux Jeunes de l'Ontario, une communauté en ligne dédiée aux jeunes immigrants et réfugiés. Plongez dans les entrevues vidéo et les journaux photos qui racontent l'expérience authentique des jeunes nouveaux arrivants. Nous offrons également des ressources essentielles pour faciliter l'intégration et des jeunes dans leur nouvelle vie en Ontario. »

Explore New Youth Ontario's new Instagram account and its inspiring stories!

Join us on Instagram to discover New Youth Ontario, an online community dedicated to immigrant and refugee youth. Dive into video interviews and photo journals that tell the authentic experience of newcomer youth. We also offer essential resources to help youth integrate and navigate their new lives in Ontario. »

Why Agencies Love OCMS

OCMS user tells us, “Thanks for a great product. Using OCMS has helped us track and understand our client and service needs across 3 regions, report results easily and consistently, make better informed decisions around resources and make impactful business case arguments for support and funding... great communication, timely responses…” 

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Participate In The ONN Nonprofit Sector Survey

Ontario Nonprofit Network has launched its annual state of the sector survey in English and French. Your data can help write a new story for the Ontario nonprofit sector. The survey is open to all nonprofits, charities, and grassroots groups in Ontario with a mission to serve a public benefit. Survey closes on July 5 by 5pm EDT.

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Let’s Get Out The Vote Toronto!

Toronto will elect a new mayor on June 26, 2023. The previous election in 2022 brought out just 29.7 percent of eligible voters. Help to get the vote out. OntarioForAll has created free resources to increase resident engagement and get out the vote:
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Webinar: Mental health of immigrants and the utilization of mental health services 

This CAMH webinar is based on research that linked mental health data and immigration administrative records across provinces and immigration admission categories to understand whether immigrants' mental health status improves as they spend more time in Canada; and whether they are less likely to access mental health services as compared to their Canadian-born counterparts. Monday, June 19, 1:30 -2:30 EDT.

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Host A Workshop On Countering Islamophobia

Contact the Canadian Council of Muslim Women to book bilingual virtual workshops at your organization on countering Islamophobia and cyberhate. Participants can better understand how Islamophobia further marginalizes Black and Indigenous Muslims, queer Muslims and Muslims living with diverse abilities. The workshops also help participants recognize how to effectively counter online hate speech and extremism.

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Survey for Organizations Serving Refugee Claimants

If you work or volunteer for an organization providing shelter and/or settlement support to refugee claimants, please complete this short, confidential survey by June 18, 2023. Matthew House – Ottawa is building a snapshot of organizations across Canada doing the important work of welcoming and supporting refugee claimants.
Questions? Contact Executive Director Allan Reesor-McDowell

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CCR Working Group Meetings - September 2023

Register for Canadian Council for Refugees Working Group meetings on September 14-15 in Toronto. This is a free event. Registration is required to facilitate organizing the event. You do not have to be a CCR member to attend. The meetings are closed to the government and media. Venue and other details will be announced soon.

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Asylum-Seekers at Canada’s Border 

This report by the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration examines the impacts of Canadian legislation, related administrative processes, and the Safe Third Country Agreement on the conditions that refugee claimants faced at Roxham Road. Released in May 2023.

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Women in Ontario’s Labour Market 

This report analyzes labour market trends for women in Ontario, with a specific focus on the differences in participation rates, earnings and access to opportunities between men and women, as well as between mothers and women who do not have young children. It also explores the potential labour market impacts of $10 a day child care in Ontario.

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Francophone Immigration To Minority Communities

The Standing Senate Committee on Official Languages provides an overview of delays in meeting federal targets for Francophone immigration, and stakeholders’ concerns regarding francophone immigration to minority communities. The Committee also makes 12 recommendations, several to the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

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Portrait de l’immigration temporaire Attraction et rétention des étudiants étrangers au Québec 

Dans cette étude publiée, l’Institut du Québec (IDQ) s’est intéressé aux enjeux relatifs aux étudiants étrangers, qui représentent près de la moitié des résidents temporaires de cette province. L’analyse de leur parcours, de leur acceptation par un établissement d’enseignement québécois à l’admission à la résidence permanente pour certains, révèle de nombreuses incohérences dans les politiques et les programmes les encadrant.

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Ontario Trillium Foundation Capital Grants 

Capital grants help non-profit organizations address a community need by improving the infrastructure Ontarians need to thrive. Whether it’s purchasing equipment, building a new space, or completing renovations, retrofits or repairs.
Application Deadline is June 14, 2023

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Ontario Trillium Foundation System Innovations Grant

System Innovations grants support collaboratives as they aim to understand and strengthen systems so they work better for youth.
Application Deadline is June 20, 2023, 5:00 PM EDT.

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The EnAbling Change Program Grant

This Ontario government program provides funding to not-for-profit organizations and others to educate about accessibility, drive cultural awareness about the value and benefits of accessibility, and support regulatory compliance. To be eligible for EnAbling Change Program funding, your organization must be in compliance with the AODA and its standards.
Application Deadline is June 29, 2023, 5:00 PM EDT. 

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