In the Field Newsletter Volume 125



Photo of Debbie Douglas

Walking the Talk: Embedding Anti-Racism in Immigration Policies and Practices

Debbie Douglas calls for an independent commission on systemic racism in the immigration and refugee system in her keynote address at the recent Canadian Council for Refugees Consultation. The commission should be properly resourced, have a broad mandate, use a GBA+ framework, hear from the public, advocates and activists, and IRCC employees - especially those who are Black and racialized, so that Canada can go forward with a proactively anti-racist immigration program.

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Call To Participate - Survivor-Centric Approach To GB

Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic invites survivors of gender-based violence (GBV), and GBV service providers to engage with them on the new project, “Guiding Systemic Responses to Survivors of Gender-Based Violence Through Risk Assessment: A Survivor-Centric Approach”. The project invites community feedback to build a blueprint for risk assessment and safety frameworks for women at diverse intersecting identities.

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Joint Solidarity Statement / Déclaration conjointe de solidarité

A Joint Statement in solidarity with Indigenous families mourning the murder of four Indigenous women. Une déclaration conjointe de solidarité avec les familles autochtones endeuillées par le meurtre de quatre femmes de leurs communautés.

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Programmes de formation autodirigés de développement professionnel en ligne pour les fournisseurs de services d’établissement

Inscrivez-vous pour la formation en ligne offerte gratuitement concernant les services de soutien à l'emploi qui se déroulera du 15 janvier au 10 mars 2023.  La formation présente les besoins spécifiques des immigrants et des réfugiés qui cherchent des services de soutien à l'emploi et des outils pour les soutenir à relever leurs défis. Si vous avez des questions, veuillez contacter

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Self-Directed E-Learning Professional Development Training Programs for Settlement Service Providers

Register for “Training for Employment Support Services”, a free e-learning course that will launch from January 15 to March 10, 2023. The training presents the specific needs of immigrants and refugees seeking employment support services and tools to address their challenges. If you have any questions, please contact

Register by Jan 10, 2023 » Supporting the settlement of privately sponsored refugees

The / website has had a facelift! Settlement service providers, private sponsors and sponsored refugees can find everything they need to know about the settlement of privately sponsored refugees in Ontario. »

Power At Your Fingertips

Need to streamline client information for your agency? Generate reports quickly and easily? Meet last-minute funder changes in reporting? Discover how by watching the OCMS video. OCASI Client Management System was developed by the sector for the sector, and is exclusively user-fee supported. To join our growing list of clients contact us at



Share Her Story, Remember Her

Every day, too many Black women, girls, and gender-diverse people (B-WGGD) are taken from us because of gendered violence. And too often, our loved ones’ stories are not given the attention, compassion and awareness that they deserve. You can help by sharing the untold stories of daughters, sisters, mothers, partners, cousins, relatives, friends, co-workers, neighbours who were taken too soon. 

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Resources - Refused Refugee Claimants

Download new resources from the Refugee Law Lab on the removals of refugee claimants from Canada. Resources include:

  • A Know-Your-Rights Guide for people in the removals process.
  • A report with findings and recommendations, aimed at policymakers and frontline organizations.
  • A data repository of government data and documents from access to information requests.

Ontario’s Living Wage Updated

The Ontario Living Wage Network has updated living wage rates across the province, and will update it more frequently on a regional basis. The living wage rate increased significantly in 2022, especially in Northern Ontario. The lowest living wage in any region is $18.05 (London Elgin Oxford), but Ontario’s minimum wage is only $15.50.

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Skills Development Fund

Apply to the Skills Development Fund (SDF) by Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development for  innovative projects that address challenges to hiring, training or retaining workers. Applications are accepted on a continuous basis until January 31, 2023, at 5:00 p.m. EST or until the funding has been fully committed.

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Promoting Fairness in Canadian Immigration Decisions

This report of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Immigration and Citizenship (CIMM) examines differential outcomes in Canadian immigration decisions and the Canadian immigration system and makes 37 important recommendations.

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“Sorry, it’s rented.” Measuring discrimination against newcomers in Toronto’s rental housing market

The Canadian Centre for Housing Rights 2022 discrimination audit report examines the level of discrimination faced by newcomers in Toronto’s rental market, and how race, gender and parental status increases the likelihood of discrimination when searching for rental housing. 

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Workers Prefer Remote Work

A recent report from the Diversity Institute at Toronto Metropolitan University in partnership with Future Skills Centre found 78 percent of workers and supervisors reported higher job satisfaction with remote work than working in person.

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