OCASI ED Debbie Douglas appointed to Income Security Working Group


OCASI Executive Director Debbie Douglas has been appointed to the Ontario Income Security Reform Working Group.

Ontario has established the Working Group to help guide the province's efforts to reduce poverty, support people in their efforts to participate in the economy, and provide services in a way that makes sense to the people who need them.

The group is to:

  • Help Ontario develop a roadmap for an income security system that is based on fairness, adequacy and simplicity.
  • Recommend priorities for reform, including on the structure of a future social assistance system.
  • Determine the sequence of actions and the costs of a multi-year implementation plan for income security reform.
  • Provide advice to the minister on how government can improve the client experience for those receiving income supports.

The Income Security Reform Working Group will meet over the next 12 months, beginning on June 30, 2016, and will report back to the government with recommendations by summer of 2017.

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