COSTI /WES Launch Joint Online Application


COSTI Languages Bureau and World Education Services (WES) have launched a new partnership to make international credential evaluation and translation more easily accessible. Now, newcomers to Canada as well as those overseas can apply through a single online application to have their international academic credentials translated and evaluated, thus saving time and money.

In the past, individuals wishing to have their credentials evaluated would first have to visit the COSTI Languages Bureau to have them translated, forwarding the translated documents upon completion to WES for evaluation. With the launch of this new joint online application, the translation and evaluation process has become much more streamlined and individuals can now apply online for both services at the same time, and simply submit their documents to WES to begin the process. From that point on, COSTI and WES will handle everything.

In the case of those currently overseas, the option of having their academic credentials translated and evaluated before they even arrive in Canada offers them a distinct advantage, and allows them to begin the process or entering the workforce, or applying for accreditation or admission to an academic institution at a much earlier stage.

The COSTI-WES Online Application is a further step in the ongoing efforts of both COSTI and WES to eliminate the barriers and hurdles facing many newcomers and internationally trained individuals.

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COSTI Languages Bureau: The COSTI Languages Bureau is a full-service communications operation providing professional translation, interpretation, and typesetting services in over 100 languages to individuals, businesses, community-based agencies, government departments, educational institutions, and regulatory bodies. A community-based enterprise, the COSTI Languages Bureau offers competitive pricing and quality services, channelling all revenue back into services and programs for members of the community.

WES:  WES is a not for profit organization which provides credential evaluation services, facilitating the recognition of academic degrees and diplomas earned abroad. WES has an agreement with the Government of Ontario to be its mandated credential evaluation service, and to provide services to immigrants, employers, academic institutions and occupational regulatory bodies.