Charting A New Direction


CISSA-ACSEI and OCASI would like to acknowledge the progress and improvements that have been introduced in several contribution agreement related areas over the past five years through the collaborative efforts by IRCC and sector colleagues from the National Settlement Council previous working group on Grants and Contributions.

We believe it is important to reflect and build upon two key previous government processes and reports including the Voluntary Sector Initiative (VSI) 2002 Code of Good Practice on Funding and the December 2006 report from the Independent Blue Ribbon Panel on Grant and Contribution Program entitled, “From Red Tape to Clear Results.” Many of the findings and recommendations from the Blue Ribbon panel are as relevant today as they were in 2006, specifically on ways to dramatically simplify the reporting and accountability regime. As stated in the report, it is “possible to simplify administration while strengthening accountability.” This is one of the sectors’ key goals.

“Charting A New Direction” discussion paper brings together current insights and experiences from the sector in no specific order. We offer fifteen (15) areas/recommendations as well as proposed solutions and rationale based on current service provider experiences across Canada. Please note that we drew on current practises of other federal departments for some of our recommendations.

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