[August 2012 In the Field] MOH Study Launched!


The greatly anticipated Making Ontario Home (MOH) study was launched July 18, 2012 and as expected, has been and continues to be well received by sector organizations, academics, and funding bodies.  The study is the first of its kind in Ontario and provide the basis on which other studies will be built.   The report, as well as the media coverage so far, can be found at www.ocasi.org/MOH (report is also available in French and in arge-print format).  OCASI will also be releasing its analysis and recommendations in the coming days, and an announcement will be sent out over the OCASI Issues email list.  

Moving forward, there is a lot more work that can be done with the survey data, and we plan on holding consultation sessions with you to start the process of exploring new areas and questions coming from the first report.  From this work, we plan on releasing further mini-reports.  If you have any questions, comments or ideas related to the MOH report, please email Erika at MOH@ocasi.org.