Professional Education and Training (PET)

Are you an Ontario-based settlement organization that is in receipt of IRCC funding?

OCASI PET provides financial support to IRCC funded organizations in Ontario, and their individual staff, to strengthen the organizational capacity of the agencies.

The goal of the project is to improve services for immigrant communities by enhancing skills and share knowledge of service providers to build organization capacity in an effort to improve the quality of services delivered to newcomers.

Through the Professional Education and Training Project (PET), OCASI aims to make funding available to organizations for group in-house professional development training to improve settlement services by addressing gaps in skills, knowledge and attitudes of service providers within each participating agencies. The project also provides settlement practitioners access to e-learning (online) courses.

OCASI encourages group training because these trainings will enable staff doing similar jobs in different immigrant services organization to apply best practices. It enhances collaboration among agencies as the training can be organized by one or more agencies for staff from a group of agencies, enabling staff from the smaller agencies in different regions to participate.


Is your organization funded by IRCC?

Assistance is available to all immigrant services organizations in Ontario funded by Immigrant Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to deliver group training within the organization.

Eligibility: In receipt of IRCC funding

Maximum Group Training Amount $3,000 for Facilitator’s fee. HST, if charged, will be paid on top of the $3,000 when OCASI receive your receipt.

Maximum Course Fee including course materials: $1000 per year. HST, if charged, will be paid on top of the $1000 when OCASI receives your receipt.

Agencies can apply by visiting the PET website:

Contact: Beverly Lawrence-Dennis Tel: 416-3224950, ext. 238