OCMS Training and Demo Webinars

Training and Demo Schedule

OCMS Webinars support settlement practitioners in the immigrant and refugee sector to streamline everyday processes. Effective September 1, 2021 all registrants will be required to register using their agency email addresses and be active users of OCMS.  Please register no later than 2 hours before any webinar or you may not have access.

Please note that all training times are scheduled in EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) or EST (Eastern Saving Time).

Choose a Date from the list below to start the registration process for a training/demo webinar.

Live Webinars for Managers, Front Line Workers and other Relevant Staff

Questions & Answers

This webinar is a live question and answer period using the OCMS.

Note: This is not a training webinar. It is a question and answer period for staff who have tried using the system and wish to have their questions answered with demonstrations.

Step-by-Step Training

This webinar guides new users through the OCMS and provides comprehensive training to begin using the system.

ICARE Bulk Upload Overview

This webinar guides you through the basics of running your ICARE monthly reports. This training is for Administrative Staff with OCMS ICARE access.

If you have specific agency questions and/or require training for your staff, please contact us to set-up a webinar.