OCASI Client Management System (OCMS)

The OCASI Client Management System (OCMS) is a powerful and sophisticated website that can be used by multi-service agencies across Canada to record and retrieve important client information while generating detailed real-time reports on individual and group activities.

The video below will provide prospective users an overview of the key management features of the OCMS.

Are you looking for a client management system that works well for your agency? Try OCMS! Please contact ocmssupport@ocasi.org.

The OCMS provides agencies with a reliable, affordable and secure system to update and access:

  • Detailed client profile forms with access to print client lists and emergency contacts
  • 20+ client and Group activity forms such as: Needs assessment, information and orientation, employment, refugee, language and finance forms, etc...
  • Internal and external referral partner lists
  • Manage Tutors, Mentors and employee directory
  • Settlement planning tools
  • Automated email follow-up notifications and reminders
  • Workshop administration forms
  • 40+ different types of reports with advanced options based on client parameters (age, gender, location, etc.) and services delivered (workshops, referrals, needs assessments, etc.)
  • Automated iCARE Bulk Uploads

This Database has been up and running since its launch in the spring of 2014.

Please note: This service is currently not funded by any level of government so we are charging to sustain the system and add new features as required.

OCMS Feature Chart





No restrictions on what type of clients can be recorded and reported on

Handles any client immigration status

Handles both anonymous and named clients

Can connect clients by family code

Able to print client profile as intake form

Built-in confidentiality and privacy controls



Customized follow-up emails/reminders/notifications

Customized internal referral lists

Customized external referral lists


Shared client profiles to save on duplication's and aid time management



Workers can create reports of own activities

Create reports by location

Create reports by worker

Create reports in real-time

Aggregated reports for funders

Case Management


Record and review past client sessions

Record and review case notes of client sessions

Create, update and share detailed settlement plans between staff and clients

Record and track follow-up for referrals

Update settlement plans/forms indefinitely

Monitor progress of settlement plan

Restrict who in the agency can see client forms
Upload files to Client Profile or Service forms

Group Orientations/Workshops


Organize attendance of group activities

Group activity name customization

Report on workshop trends and topics

Clients can be added ad hoc to group activities - client profile to be completed at a later date

Track different group activities

Time Savers


Automated client/worker email notifications/reminders

"Trusted Partnerships" to share referral information between partners

Bulk export of records for importing into funder databases