Vision and Mission

Our Vision

A country of equity and social justice where everyone belongs.

Our Mission

OCASI champions equity and human rights for im/migrants and refugees through advocacy, collective action, collaborative planning, research, capacity-building, and information and knowledge transfer.

Our Values and Commitments

Social Justice - We uphold human rights and equity. We work to ensure that im/migrants and refugees have access to the services that they need and the opportunity to participate fully and equitably in the social, cultural, political and economic life of our country.

Accountability - We know that our words, decisions and actions reflect our true values and commitment. We assume the leadership role entrusted to us through transparency, kindness, respect and integrity.

Solidarity - We affirm the collective voice and power of groups and communities in ending racism and oppression. We work collaboratively within and across sectors to effect change and the best outcomes for im/migrants, refugees, and other marginalized communities.

Innovation - We lead and support excellence in the sector. We spearhead continuous improvement and creativity through community-led and evidence-based decisions and the development of promising and impactful practices.