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Discerning the Arc

On the first day of January as I waited for glimpses of a dawning day through a south facing window, I was struck by feelings of anticipation that I was having that is highly unusual for me at the start of a new year. In the past it was more about remembering to change the year when writing the date and otherwise it was just another day, albeit without the hangovers of my younger years.

In the Field Newsletter Volume 88

During this time of year, I remember and hold space for all those who are affected by war and political upheaval and persecution. Today I remember the peoples of the global south from South Sudan to Congo. From Bolivia to Haiti. From Hong Kong to West Papua. And I also remember the people here in Canada – First Peoples fighting for clean drinking water and to maintain their rights as keepers of these lands. My thoughts today as I write this are with Human Rights Defenders all over the globe.


November 2019 / Toronto - My social media accounts were buzzing with righteous and rightful (if there’s such a word) indignation about comments made on a hockey game show by the host of Coach’s Corner Don Cherry. I’ve often been surprised that he continued to get airtime on our public network.

He first came into my consciousness when about twelve years ago or maybe longer he went on an insulting diatribe against people he called ‘left-wing pinkos’ or worse during the swearing in of the then Toronto Mayor-elect Rob Ford.

In the Field Newsletter Volume 86

The rallying cry for Labour Day 2019 in Ontario was ‘Unite Against Racism’. The slogan and sentiment meant to acknowledge the troubling rise in white supremacy and xenophobia across the province and the country signaled a coming together of progressive forces to combat this scourge that has a material impact on the lives of Black, Indigenous and people of colour, including racialized (im)migrants and refugees.