RFP Questions and Answers

The following is a list of submitted questions and answers relevant to the following opportunity, "RFP Evaluation Consultant for the National Settlement Sector Community of Practice".

Q: Can we propose a small team for this RFP (junior and senior resources)?
A: Yes.

Q: Is the budget of 25k excluding HST ($3250) – Is the max budget 21,750 + HST?
A: Thank you for making this distinction, the actual number is $21,750 + HST.

Q: Are you looking for a consultant based in Toronto? GGI is located in Ottawa but we work frequently in the Toronto area.
A: We are open to consultants from across Canada.

Q: The RFP mentions two interim reports, a final report, as well as "oral reports". How many oral reports would you expect for the duration of the project? Will these be presentation on the written reports, or totally separate reports/presentations?
A: We are envisioning that the oral reports will be in the form of presentations on the written report. It will be expected that the evaluator would be available to provide a brief oral update, roughly once a month, on their progress.

Q: When did the project start?
A: The project began on September 22, 2017.

Q: How much work has already been done? For example, is the needs assessment completed? Has OCASI recruited partners or participating organizations for the Community of Practice? Are all activities designed?
A: An environmental scan is currently underway, a National Advisory Committee has been established and other related project activities are underway. All objectives have been identified.

Q: How many organizations and how many individuals do you expect to engage for the duration of the project?
A: As the project seeks to engage professionals online across the national settlement sector, we cannot estimate to number of individuals at this time.